Large Capacity 3750

All Poly Box

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3750 Manual

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Beater Drive

Heavy Duty Upper Beater Drive

#80 heavy chain with Q.D. style sprockets drive the upper beater. A simple, efficient adjustable chain tightener keeps the chain tensioned and in line. Also shown is the anti-chain whip block.

Large 27″ Diameter Main Beater

This square designed beater has a massive 2.4376″ diameter drive shaft; .375″ double-gusseted beater paddles with .375″ thick replaceable abrasion resistant tips.

Top Beater 15″ Diameter

Provides more uniform spreading. It also breaks up large chunks of manure and prevents large chunks from being carried over the main beater.

Banded Belt Drive

The banded belt drive with Q.D. sheaves was developed for drives subjected to shock loads, pulsating loads, or extreme vibrations where single belts could flip over on the pulleys. A high-strength tie band permanently joins the three belts to provide lateral rigidity. Keeping the belts running in a straight line in the pulley grooves under extreme shock loads produced by the beaters. The Q.D. bushings keep the pulleys tight and in line under the most extreme conditions.

No need to run around looking for matching belts. With the banded design, they are always matched for good fit, less maintenance, long life, and quiet while operating. This design eliminates the need for a slip clutch.

Electronic Weigh Scale System (Optional)

We offer an optional electronic weigh scale system. This is an accurate 5pt. load cell system designed by Digi-Star. It is available with choice of monitors with or without a printer. A 3pt. load cell system is available for single axle units.

Automatic Clutch

Offers a level of implement overload protection not possible with other types of clutches. This compact, efficient design disconnects the power source from the drive train when overload occurs. It does not reconnect until the speed is reduced to near zero. During disengagement, the patented design does not allow or generate damaging torque spikes or heat.

Beater & Apron Drive

Right Angle Gear Box to Drive Beater with Forged Gears and Oil Bath with spring loaded oil seals. 50 to 1 Worm Gear Drive with Bronzed Gear for the Bed Drive and Oil Bath with spring loaded oil seals, drives a 2″ stress proof Apron Shaft with 7-tooth cast sprockets which transmits smooth, constant power to the apron chain.

Gear Box Mechanisms

Shown is the Apron Drive Gear Box featuring an In-Line Parallel Shaft Gear Reducer. Has no Worm Gear – Less Heat – Better Seal & Lube Life. Bevel & Cylindrical Forged Gears are Forged from the best material available today. Very High Efficiency & High Torque and a Worldwide Reputation.

This Unit is equipped with a 2⅜″ Apron Drive Shaft made of 1144 Material with Four 9-Tooth Forged Steel Sprockets which transmits smooth, constant power to the apron chains.

Apron Chain Link Comparison

67P11 Positive Lock
Designed for heavy duty work, this new link chain is a single piece construction with no pins to bend, lock or shear.

Large Capacity Specifications

Large Capacity Specifications
Model Loading
Width of Box
Length of Box
Depth Overall
Height from
Capacity Weight Apron
Top Beater
3750 72.5″ 80.5″ 132.5″ 213″ 46″ 29′ 2.5″ 75″ 482.5 Struck Cu Ft 11,220 lbs Twin #67P11 Standard
3600 61″ 80.5″ 133.25″ 213″ 37″ 29′ 2.5″ 74.25″ 393 Struck Cu Ft 10,640 lbs Twin #67P11 Standard
3465 60″ 61.25″ 106.5″ 213″ 37″ 27′ 5″ 73″ 308 Struck Cu Ft 7,000 lbs Twin #67P11 Standard

Large Capacity Tractor Requirements

Large Capacity Tractor Requirements
Box Spreader Model Horsepower
3750 170 HP (Minimum)
3600 150 HP (Minimum)
3456 120 HP (Minimum)
Hydraulic Flow For Bed Drive GPM 14 (Minimum)