Twin Twister VB900

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VB900 Manual

twin twister model vb375 painted black

Design Features

  • Twin 39″ diameter vertical beaters with 10mm thick spiral flighting
  • All poly box
  • 35R Series 540 RPM CV Torque Disconnect PTO
  • Heavy duty hubs & spindles - 10 bolt 15,000 lbs. with 3.375″ spindles
  • Tires: 1600-R-10 - 10″ x 20″ rim
  • Standard - Twin #88W Pintle Apron Chain
  • Tractor Horse Power: 135
  • Standard Highway Light Kit Installed
twin twister model vb900 rear view


Twin Twister VB900 Specifications
Model Loading
Width of Box
Length of Box
Depth Overall
Height of Spreader
from ground
Capacity - Struck Cu Ft Weight Apron Chain Spindle
VB900 82½″ 80″ with 600/55 tires - 145″ 261″ 46″ 33′ Front 106½″ 615 17,340 lbs. Twin #88W Pintle Apron Chain 4″

Our Components Make the Difference

Hydraulic Control

vb 900 front drive close up

Adjustable from the tractor with the turtle/rabbit hydraulic lever or the Optional Electronic Remote Control that is mounted inside the tractor cab. A second option is a manual hand control that can be routed into the back of the tractor cab and controlled with a simple turn of the wrist.

Electronic Weigh Scale System

This is an optional system by Digi-Star. This accurate 5pt. load cell system is available with choice of monitor with or without printer. The 3pt. load cell system is available for single axle units.

Automatic Clutch

The automatic clutch offers a level of implement overload protection not possible with other types of clutches. The compact efficient design disconnects the power source from the drive train when overload occurs and does not reconnect until the speed is reduced to near zero. During disengagement, the patented design does not allow or generate damaging torque spikes or heat.

#88W Pintle Apron Chain

2″ x 2″ x ⅜″ Thick Slats. Average Ultimate Tensile Strength 36,500 lbs.